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Re: Request for permission to upload sl-modem through t-p-u for l10n purposes

#include <hallo.h>
* Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt [Mon, Mar 05 2007, 11:29:59AM]:
> Christian Perrier <bubulle@kheops.frmug.org> writes:
> > The sl-modem package currently has a 2.9.9d+e-pre2-9 version in
> > unstable. The version in testing is 2.9.9d+e-pre2-7
> Fine with me, as long as you provide both i386 and amd64 binaries in
> your upload (this package is in non-free, so autobuilding won't really
> work)

There was no amd64 build of this version, the support first got added in
2.9.9d+e-pre2-9, currently in Unstable.


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