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Re: Please unblock nfs-utils/1:1.0.10-6

Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> As per IRC request, please
>   unblock nfs-utils/1:1.0.10-6
> The current version in testing is 1:1.0.10-4. 1:1.0.10-5 fixed a normal bug,
> and has been in unstable since December 21st with no new bugs reported over
> 1:1.0.10-4, 1:1.0.10-6 fixes an important bug where nfs-utils would be built
> with no tcpwrappers support. This is a regression from sarge, and seems to be
> caused by upstream changing autofoo in 1.0.8 (which entered Debian in June --
> unfortunately nobody noticed until now).
> The fix for 1:1.0.10-6 is a single line on top of 1:1.0.10-5 (the
> build-dependency was already in place, since we never actively removed the
> support); the entire debdiff from 1:1.0.10-4 is:

Unblocked setting waiting time to 15 days.



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