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rebuild and unblock requests


epiphany-browser and epiphany-extensions haven't been built on alpha,
arm, mips, mipsel, powerpc and m68k because of a simultaneous xulrunner
upload. For arm, they are still missing a xulrunner build (probably
caused by the link taking too much memory). Can anyone re-schedule all
of these builds?

For other packages, here is another round of unblock requests.

   * gnome-games-data replaces gnome-games-locale. Fixes upgrade for
     people going the woody -> sarge -> etch way.
   * Add a get-orig-source target to retrieve the upstream tarball.
   * New upstream stable release with bug fixes and translation updates.
The upstream changes aren't intrusive. Here is the NEWS (bug numbers are
in the gnome bugzilla):
        - Open high scores dialog on correct page (Bug #391216).
        - Fix broken layout in some locales because of floating numbers
        (Bug #386213).
        - Enable menu item when game is won (Bug #380623).
        - Cancel AI operations when undo selected (Bug #386165).
         - Allow gnibbles to save preferences for sound and fakes (Bug
        Translations updated:
         - ar.po: Arabic translation
         - hu.po Hungarian translation
         - ko.po: Korean translation

   * industrial/industrial.xml: use a variable width box for the area
     containing buttons. Otherwise, it can lead GDM to crash when using
     this theme (closes: #403801).
   * Standards version is 3.7.2.

  * pt.po: Portuguese template translation from Carlos Lisboa (closes: 
  * gl.po: Galician template translation from Jacobo Tarrio
    (closes: #407942).

   * Add a get-orig-source target to retrieve the upstream tarball.
   * New patch, 21_armenian-aspell, to support Armenian in the aspell plugin;
     thanks Alan Baghumian; closes: #406794.

libgda2/1.2.3-4  <= Please let it in for the beautiful version number.
   * Fix typo in package description; thanks A. Costa; closes: #405645.
   * Add a get-orig-source target to retrieve the upstream tarball.

shared-mime-info would also be nice to migrate, but changes in this
package are likely to introduce subtle bugs, so we should at least wait
some more time.

Could you also let stardict-xmlittre in? It's just a supplementary
dictionary for stardict, I don't think anything else could possibly
break with allowing it in.

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