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Re: Please unblock mysql-dfsg-5.0.32-2

Christian Hammers wrote:
> Hello Luk
> On 2007-01-19 Luk Claes wrote:
>> Christian Hammers wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> MySQL release another upstream version which fixes a lot of "can cause
>>> the server to crash" type bugs which of course could potentially allow
>>> people to cause data loss to other users and thus could be considered as
>>> DoS. Also there was a bug that let "mysql_upgrade" crash which would
>>> probably a nasty thing on sarge->etch upgrades.
>>> I had to make a -2 upload as I inadvertently deleted a necessary .dpatch
>>> file. The new "upstream" is now in unstable for 15 days without any
>>> reported regressions. Alpha builds are still missing but this seems to
>>> be due to a lack of redundancy in our buildd environment (*g*), the last
>>> couple of upstream versions all worked fine on alpha.
>> Unblocked, setting waiting time to 20 days.
> The piuparts team found that my package should pre-depend on adduser and
> filed an RC-bug. In addition two new debconf translations appeared.
> Please extend the current exception to 5.0.32-3!

Unblocked resetting waiting time to 5 days (instead of the 20).



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