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Re: Please unblock mysql-dfsg-5.0.32-2

Christian Hammers wrote:

MySQL release another upstream version which fixes a lot of "can cause the
server to crash" type bugs which of course could potentially allow people to
cause data loss to other users and thus could be considered as DoS.
Also there was a bug that let "mysql_upgrade" crash which would probably a
nasty thing on sarge->etch upgrades.

I had to make a -2 upload as I inadvertently deleted a necessary .dpatch
file. The new "upstream" is now in unstable for 15 days without any reported
regressions. Alpha builds are still missing but this seems to be due
to a lack of redundancy in our buildd environment (*g*), the last couple of
upstream versions all worked fine on alpha.

Unblocked, setting waiting time to 20 days.



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