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latex-xft-fonts currently can't enter etch because of bug #402148
("doesn't contain source"). However, I would like to downgrade this
bug and ask you to let the package enter etch. The reason is that the
ttf files are the actual source for latex-xft-fonts (see the bug log),
they are only a derived work of the (free) original LaTeX fonts.

Although I'm not listed as the maintainer of the package, I am part of
the team now maintaining LyX. Piotr Roszatycki used to maintain LyX,
but hasn't been the maintainer for a long time, so the LyX team should
probably take over latex-xft-fonts as well (the upstream source is the
same as LyX).

What do you think? It would be very useful to have latex-xft-fonts in
etch, and it is pretty stable.


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