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Re: mediawiki1.7 in etch..

Romain Beauxis wrote:
> 	Hi !
> Le mercredi 10 janvier 2007 11:43, vous avez écrit :
>>> However, now a new upstream 1.7.2 has been published today to correct a
>>> security issue in 1.7.x branch. Given that the changelog not only
>>> includes a security fix, I don't know what should be done for
>>> mediawiki1.7 in etch. Either we update to 1.7.2-1 or we update to 1.7.1-6
>>> with only security changes backported (they are not important, I think I
>>> have already isolated a single line change..).
>> Please upload -6 with the security fix and mail -release again, so that
>> the package can be unblocked then.
> Package entered unstable today !




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