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mediawiki1.7 in etch..

	Hi release managers !

On a previous mail discussion, you accepted that mediawiki1.7 was to be 
updated to current package in sid (1.7.1-5), but since then it has not yet 
been moved to etch.

However, now a new upstream 1.7.2 has been published today to correct a 
security issue in 1.7.x branch. Given that the changelog not only includes a 
security fix, I don't know what should be done for mediawiki1.7 in etch. 
Either we update to 1.7.2-1 or we update to 1.7.1-6 with only security 
changes backported (they are not important, I think I have already isolated a 
single line change..).

Other question in case we update to 1.7.1-6 is do we update to 1.7.1-5 and 
then we prepare a 1.7.1-6 or do we update directly to 1.7.1-6 ? My guess is 
that the second option will occur...

The latest package that propably will be uploaded to sid is located at:

Thanks for your answers.

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