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Re: suggesting the final numpy-1.0 release for testing

* Matthias Klose (doko@cs.tu-berlin.de) [070118 00:42]:
> please consider numpy-1.0.1, plus depending packages for testing;
> testing currently has the numpy-1.0 release candidate 1; between rc1
> and rc2 upstream did make some ABI incompatible changes, see [1] and
> [2].  The Debian Scipy Team would like to see the packages with the
> final 1.0 ABI in testing.  The packages are now in unstable for a
> while, plus new subminor versions for scipy and matplotlib.  The
> maintainers of all depending packages have tested the packages in
> unstable on at least one architectures and did not find any
> regressions.  The following packages would be affected:

Allowed python-numpy in with 15 days waiting time, and unblocked pyqwt.
Rest is already approved / in sync.


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