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Please unblock ucf/2.0018


        This is mostly a documentation fix release. Added new
 Brazilian translations, fixed a couple of typographical errors, and
 clarified that <path to file> means, err, the full path to the
 file. Added a couple of sanity checks that prevent ucp file <-->
 package mapping registry corruption, but exit gracefully instead of
 dying with an error. For lenny, the scripts with die with an error,
 and we'll  need to fix the packages that are using ucfq/ucfr

        There should be little downside to this upload; I've kept back
 a fix that might have impacted things.


ucf (2.0018) unstable; urgency=high
* Bug fix: "ucf: [INTL:pt_BR] Please consider updating the Brazilian
  Portuguese debconf template translation", thanks to André Luís Lopes
                                                      (Closes: #403817).
* Bug fix: "ucf: Typo in man page: packagr should be package", thanks to
  per.bojsen@bojsen.us. Simple typo fix.              (Closes: #400839).
* Bug fix: "ucf: Duplicated phrase in ucf message", thanks to Robert
  Luberda. Simple typo fix.                           (Closes: #406053).
* Bug fix: "ucf: [ucfq] strange behavior when querying filenames",
  thanks to Frank Küster. Modified ucfq/ucfr man pages to emphasize that
  the scripts need a *full* path name to the file.  Added sanity checks
  such that not providing a full path would result in a diagnostic, but
  for etch just exit gracefully.  For lenny, these scripts shall die
  with an error.  Clarify all over that <path to configuration file>
  means a full path.                                   (Closes: #401899).

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