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Please unblock tenshi 0.4-1.1

This NMU was first intended to fix debconf l10n issues. 

Then I discovered that the package is using debconf to display a
blatantly abusive note.

Then I discovered an RC issue. 

And finally, I noticed a lintian warning about the provided init
script not having a LSB header (something very likely to become a
lenny release goal)

As a consequence, I ended up with the following changelog:

tenshi (0.4-1.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload to fix an RC bug and
    longstanding debconf abuse
  * Include the includes-active in directories created under
  * Remove the debconf note. Closes: #357596
    This also removes the need for translations.
    Sorry to the Czech translator. Closes: #360284
    This also fixes the incorrect debconf dependency that was
    blocking the cdebconf transition.
  * Lintian fix:
    - Add a LSB header to the init script

Please notive that I inadvertently forgot closing the RC bug report
(#407105) which I will do manually (with version tracking).

Could you please unblock all this?


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