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Re: Please unblock tex-common documentation update


To complement what Frank said, we discussed this a bit in bug #402953
(of tetex-doc)... to which I replied on -tex-maint instead of using the
bug address (grumpf):


... my point being:

| Since we have several documents to register, I think a specific section
| makes sense. Otherwise, it's more likely that users fail to find all
| documents when looking for TeX stuff in dhelp or similar help systems.

The "several documents" in question are at least "TeX on Debian", the
Debian TeX sub-policy and the "teTeX documentation guide", plus a few
more that apparently aren't visible with dhelp (see below). Maybe others
will follow, or are in packages that are not installed on my system.

There are also some documents that are registered with doc-base but
aren't shown in dhelp, maybe because they aren't in HTML format; for
instance, /usr/share/texmf-tetex/doc/tetex/TETEXDOC.pdf.gz and
[ I also have a bogus "teTeX, A Documentation Guide" showing up in
  dhelp, pointing to non-existent
  file:///usr/share/doc/tetex-doc/texmf/index.html, but I cannot find
  where it comes from by grepping in /usr/share/doc-base. Any idea? ]



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