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Re: Permission to upload gnat-4.1 with 3 new binary packages?

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt writes:
> Ludovic Brenta writes:
>> I've just applied a patch to gnat-4.1 that builds 3 new binary
>> packages containing debugging symbols for libraries.  Neither the
>> libraries themselves nor the compiler tools are affected.  I hereby
>> request permission to upload to unstable, and to allow gnat-4.1 and
>> related packages to migrate to testing after the usual 10-day period.
>> Patch below (I'll change UNRELEASED to unstable in the changelog
>> before uploading, obviously).
> This looks OK, please upload.

Thanks; uploaded amd64 and powerpc 48 hours ago and still not picked
up by the build daemons for the other architectures; not even i386
which is usually not very busy.  Is this expected, or should I worry
and ping someone?

Ludovic Brenta.

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