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Please update a few packages


Sorry to bother you with yet some more updates.

vzctl: higher priority
 * Correction of --disklimit option, closes: #406326.
   Backport from 3.0.13 version. Upstream bug 338.
 * Really correct the documentation link.

 It has passed my regression test that check the basic

harden: medium priority
 * Czech debconf translation update. #366737.

 Should be safe as it is just the translation in debian/po dir.

cron-apt: low priority
 * Two updates to documentation part in the configuration file.

 This should be safe as it has been in testing for 31 days.

Finally I have a question about new upstream versions. Is it
possible to get such updates through or is it just backports
that are interesting.

I'm thinking of util-vserver 36 days in unstable and vzctl that
now have new upstream in experimental.

Best regards,

// Ola

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