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Upgrade some packages


Could you please hint the following packages to be upgraded in Etch? The
current versions in Sid are OK. The following are the changes from
currently available versions.

- rails  ( -2 => -3 )
  * fixed a regression. The -2 rails that fixes the bug includes a bad
patch by me. I think I was working on something a few months ago, but
forgot what it was exactly and mistakenly included it in the upload.
This caused a regression #406658 (probably should have been an
important). The -3 version disables this messed up patch.

- mysql-query-browser
- mysql-admin

  * the versions currently in Sid include a patch from upstream that
fixes a VERY LONG standing bug on 64-bit arches. See #316285. The patch
is essentilly just,

@@ -1545,6 +1547,7 @@
     GError * error= NULL;
     gchar * res;
     gsize bytes_read= 0;
+    gsize nlength;

     //if connected to a server 4.1.x or higher, return UTF8
     if (mysql_version_is_later_or_equal_than(mysql,4,1))
@@ -1553,7 +1556,9 @@
     //Get server charset
     res= g_convert(str, str_length,
-                   "UTF-8", &bytes_read, (gsize*)new_length, &error);
+                   "UTF-8", &bytes_read, &nlength, &error);
+    *new_length= nlength;

     //check if it worked
     if (!error)

As you can see, the casts here is what breaks both applications. (they
share common code - upstream now merged these in one source which will
happen in Debian for Lenny because this merge occurred when we had a


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