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Re: gpr in etch is useless: hint 0.12deb ? upload in t-p-u ?

Hi Andrea,

On Sat, Jan 13, 2007 at 12:26:55PM +0100, A Mennucc wrote:
> summary: I uploaded gpr 0.12deb in unstable; it fixes a nasty bug that
> had gone unnoticed, and that was rendering gpr practically useless;
> unfortunately, while tracking down that bug, the code changed more than
> strictly needed. What to do? Would you let gpr 0.12deb in Etch? Or, may
> I upload a gpr 0.11deb.etch1 into t-p-u ?

Why does this version drop support in revalidate_utf8 for converting
locale-encoded strings to utf8?  That seems like a regression.  It's
the only red flag I find in the diff, everything looks ok otherwise, but it
may be better to fix the g_list issue via t-p-u anyway, including only this
change.  (t-p-u is meant to be used for RC bugfixes only; it sounds like you
would consider this bug RC, because you say it makes the package
"practically useless".)

> >   - If your package needs to be updated for Etch, and the version in
> >     unstable doesn't contain extraneous changes (e.g, the version is the
> >     same between testing and unstable), please upload your fix to
> >     unstable and contact debian-release@lists.debian.org.

> >   - If the version in unstable already includes significant changes not
> >     related to the bug to be fixed, contact debian-release about
> >     uploading to testing-proposed-updates.  Changed dependencies, new
> >     upstream versions, changed library names, and completely rewriting
> >     the packaging are "significant changes".  So are lots of other
> >     things.

> I dont know how much significant are my changes: while trying to fix the
> bug, since I was clueless at the beginning, I did a code cleanup  (I
> deleted some unused and deprecated code); I also fixed some other issues
> (such as: could not close dialog windows).

I can't really judge whether the removed lines are deprecated, I'd have to
take your word for it.  The change to handling of non-utf8 strings certainly
looks significant to me.

> Moreover the (damned) auto* stuff stopped working at a certain point ,
> so I had to regenerate it all: for this reason, a diff of gpr 0.11deb
> and 0.12gpr is huge.

But easily ignorable when reviewing, IME.

> So... would you hint 0.12deb in Etch?

> Otherwise, may I upload a 0.11deb.etch1 in t-p-u , with just the small
> change for that bug (and also for a stupid GError warning; and the fr
> translation update)?

I think in conclusion I would prefer t-p-u for this.  What is the GError
warning you're referring to?

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