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please hint debian-reference 1.10


Please hint debian-reference 1.10 for etch :-)

This one closes many outstanding bugs in this package by altering doc
contents.   No binary effects.

Even with these fixes, I have to admit debian-reference is quite out of
sync with etch situation.  Since I wanted to keep translation as much as
useful, I have been quite conservative but tried to update all
translations as much by myself when it come to fixing contents.

 debian-reference (1.10) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Updated reference pointers per David Van Mosselbeen.
     Closes: 350523, 350530, 350534, 350537
   * Updated example of the additional packages. Closes: 355655
   * Updated kernel.sgml(en) and removed old 2.4 contents for etch
     folowing the advise from Frans Pop. Closes: 355668
   * Dropped slocate. Closes: 359790
   * Recommended interface naming issues by udev (en).  Closes: 364500
   * Added C reference URLs. Closes: 391623
   * Fixed frozen reference. Closes: 394479
   * Added debconf-{get|set}-selections. Closes: 391624
   * Typo fix (fr). Closes: 355653
   * Updated translations from translators.

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