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bootcd-mkinitrd (version 2.56) exists in testing without source


The bootcd-mkinitrd_2.56 package is in testing, even though the version
of the bootcd source package in testing (3.00) doesn't generate a
bootcd-mkinitrd binary.

packages.debian.org erroneously (I believe) lists bootcd_3.00 as the
source package for bootcd-mkinitrd_2.56 [1].

This seems like a bug to me, and I couldn't find any package in testing
that Depends on bootcd-mkinitrd (it seems to have been pretty-well
superseded by bootcd-mkinitramfs anyway).  I don't know which package or
pseudo-package to file a bug against, though, so I ask here first.

Please CC me on any reply, since I'm not subscribed.

 [1]: http://packages.debian.org/testing/utils/bootcd-mkinitrd 

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