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Please consider letting python-networkx 0.32-2 in


Some background, may be skipped:
  I was waiting for python-pygraphviz to get out of NEW before adding
  the Recommends: on python-pygraphviz to python-networkx, when I
  received #401657. According to some senior developer, adding a
  Recommends on a not yet installable package was OK, since this dep can
  be fulfilled via the python-pydot package, which also reached testing.

Actual question:
  Would it be acceptable to see python-networkx 0.32-2 in testing with
  this Recommends on python-pygraphviz | python-pydot, although only
  python-pydot is (and will be) available in testing? If so, the only
  changes between -1 and -2 are this Recommends and a fixed watch file.

Thanks for your time.


Cyril Brulebois

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