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temporary buildd failure during oolite(non-free) build on arm?/hint oolite 1.65-4 into Etch

Hello Andi,

The build of oolite on arm seems to have failed[1] due to a transitory
issue on the arm arch.
I have tried to select for instalation the libglu1-mesa-dev package
which supposedly was not available on my arm system and aptitude
didn't report any issues.

Could you retrigger a build on the arm machine? If not, who do I have
to contact?

Another question, could 1.65-4 be hinted into Etch?

[1] http://experimental.debian.net/fetch.php?&pkg=oolite&ver=1.65-4&arch=arm&stamp=1167945472&file=log&as=raw
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