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Re: [Etch upload/unblock request] sisu-0.48.8-7 fixes (Closes: #406281) (Closes: #406280) (Closes: #406282) (Closes: #406284)

ralph.amissah@gmail.com writes:
> Please unblock sisu-0.48.8-7


>   * modifications to sample search form introduced in -4 break it,
>     [behavior] reverted
>     (to use of static path for cgi-bin)
>     (Closes: #406281) and
>     (Closes: #406280) [same bug] [sorry it was late]

FWIW, (Closes: #123456, #123457) works too.

>   * Debian Etch related fixes

This is quite irritating. I understand, after reading the diff, that
this is related to the other changes, and does not mean that there were
random changes you've summarized with "Etch related fixes". Please
choose a clearer way to word your changelog in the future, thanks.

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