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Please unblock docbook-xsl 1.71.0.dfsg.1-2

This package version fixes a long list of bugs:

docbook-xsl (1.71.0.dfsg.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Acknowledge NMU (closes: #393726, #393808). Thanks to Loic Minier.
  * debian/patches/11_fo_fix_recursion_depth_bug_for_long_programlistings.dpatch:
    - fo/verbatim.xsl: Adds two-stage recursion for hyphenate.verbatim to fix
      recursion depth bug for long programlistings. Revision 6280.
  * debian/patches/12_fo_axf_attribute_before_fotex.dpatch: Added.
    - fo/component.xsl: Create axf attribute before adding fotex element.
      Revision 6293.
  * debian/patches/13_fo_typo_fixes.dpatch: Added.
    - fo/inline.xsl: Fix typo bug (xlink.href should be xlink:href). Revision
  * debian/patches/14_fo_empty_rows_fix.dpatch: Added.
    - fo/table.xsl: Empty rows aren't allowed. Revision 6337.
  * debian/patches/15_html_fixed_namespace_declarations.dpatch: Added.
    - html/autoidx-kimber.xsl, html/autoidx-kosek.xsl, html/callout.xsl,
      html/chunker.xsl, html/graphics.xsl, html/oldchunker.xsl,
      html/table.xsl, html/verbatim.xsl, xhtml/autoidx-kimber.xsl,
      xhtml/autoidx-kosek.xsl, xhtml/callout.xsl, xhtml/chunker.xsl,
      xhtml/graphics.xsl, xhtml/oldchunker.xsl, xhtml/table.xsl,
      xhtml/verbatim.xsl: Made changes in namespace declarations to prevent
      xmllint's canonicalizer from treating them as relative namespace URIs.
      Revision 6306.
  * debian/patches/16_slides_fix_foil_numbers_for_foilgroups.dpatch: Added.
    - slides/html/slides-common.xsl, slides/xhtml/slides-common.xsl: Foil
      number is show only on foils not on foilgroups which are not counted at
      all. Revision 6281.
  * debian/patches/17_fo_html_add_space_between_orgname_and_orgdiv.dpatch:
    - fo/titlepage.xsl, html/titlepage.xsl, xhtml/titlepage.xsl: Fixed bug
      1566358 (sf.net bug tracker) to add space between orgname and orgdiv.
      Revision 6347.
  * debian/patches/18_common_fix_olink_database_access_for_saxon_and_db5.dpatch:
    - common/olink.xsl: Fixed olink database access for Saxon and DB5.
      Revision 6348.
  * debian/patches/19_manpages_fix_output_formatting_bugs.dpatch: Added.
    - manpages/block.xsl: Make sure there's always a newline before .sp macro
      in output from simpara. Revision 6359.
    - manpages/synop.xsl: Fix bug: change <text> to <xsl:text>. Revision 6453.
  * debian/patches/20_html_handle_xalan_quirk.dpatch: Added.
    - html/db5strip.xsl, xhtml/db5strip.xsl: Handle Xalan quirk as special
      case. Revision 6397.
  * debian/patches/21_common_copyof_instead_valueof.dpatch: Added.
    - common/olink.xsl: Use copy-of instead of value-of for xreftext to
      preserve markup. Revision 6412.
  * debian/patches/22_common_fix_extra_white_space_introduced_by_olink.dpatch:
    - common/targets.xsl: Fix bug 1596737 (sf.net bug tracker) extra white
      space introduced by olink. Now output indent="no" for target data.
      Revision 6413.
  * debian/patches/23_common_fo_html_use_number_function_for_comparison.dpatch:
    - common/table.xsl, fo/table.xsl, html/table.xsl, xhtml/table.xsl: Use
      number() in some comparisons to ensure number data type. Revision 6417.
  * debian/patches/24_html_fix_sgmltag_class_attribute.dpatch: Added.
    - html/inline.xsl, xhtml/inline.xsl: Fix class attribute on sgmltag.
      Revision 6436.
  * debian/patches/25_manpages_typo_fixes.dpatch: Added.
    - manpages/utility.xsl: Fixed two element name typos. Revision 6444.
  * debian/patches/26_fo_html_fix_no_space_between_package_and_classname.dpatch:
    - fo/synop.xsl, html/synop.xsl, xhtml/synop.xsl: Fixed bug 1603790 (sf.net
      bug tracker) no space between package and classname. Revision 6446.
  * debian/patches/27_fo_html_fix_citation_linking_to_biblioentry.dpatch:
    - fo/inline.xsl, html/inline.xsl, xhtml/inline.xsl: Fix bug 1614469
      (sf.net bug tracker) for citation linking to biblioentry. Revision 6451.
  * debian/patches/28_template_added_xalan_workaround.dpatch: Added.
    - template/titlepage.xsl: Added workaround for Xalan bug: use for-each and
      copy instead of copy-of. Closes 1604770 (sf.net bug tracker). Revision
  * debian/patches/80_common_locale_fixes.dpatch: Added.
    - common/am.xml, common/bn.xml, common/gu.xml, common/kn.xml,
      common/pa.xml, common/pt_br.xml, common/sr.xml, common/sv.xml,
      common/ta.xml, common/vi.xml, common/xh.xml, common/zh_tw.xml: Added
      HTMLHelp langcodes to several files. Revision 6290.
    - common/pt.xml: Fixed bug 1583790 (sf.net bug tracker) glossary entry
    character. Revision 6384.
  * debian/patches/00list: Adjusted.

Regards, Daniel

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