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Re: Survex debian package uninstallable on hppa

Wookey wrote:
> On 2006-12-26 17:44 +0000, Olly Betts wrote:
>> On Tue, Dec 26, 2006 at 12:28:47PM +0100, Luk Claes wrote:
>>> Olly Betts wrote:
>>>> The hppa binNMU was 1.0.39+b1.
>>>> Wookey uploaded 1.0.39-1, which has built for all architectures
>>>> including hppa, but the hppa upload was rejected because 1.0.39-1 is a
>>>> *lower* version than 1.0.39+b1 by the ordering dpkg uses - this outputs
>>>> `yes':
>>>> dpkg --compare-versions 1.0.39b1 '>>' 1.0.39-1 && echo yes
>>> 1.0.39+b1 ofcourse...
>> Of course - not sure where I lost the "+".  Anyway, the comparison gives
>> the same result for "1.0.39+b1".
>>>> * Reupload the package as something like: 1.0.39debian-1
>>> Nothing debian specific, so not preferred.
>> I guess you must mean "nothing debian specific in the upstream release",
>> so putting "debian" in the upstream version doesn't make sense?
>> If not you've lost me, as the changes here are entirely debian-specific
>> (a fix for a problem caused by the debian packaging not being
>> binNMU-safe combined with the package previously being debian native).
>> None of the upstream code has been modified (all the changes over 1.0.39
>> are in the debian subdirectory and there's no debian/patch).
>>>> * Reupload the package as something like (or and fix
>>>>   the package to be non-native later when we aren't trying to release
>>>>   etch).  I am the upstream for survex, so I can ensure there's never an
>>>>   upstream release called
>>> What about 1.0.39+upstream-1 or something similar?
>> Well, there's nothing upstream specific here either!  But it does the
>> job so I'm happy to go with it, assuming Wookey (cc:-ed) is.
> In the meantime I've just added phil bull's .desktop files patch to my
> sources here (#403870). So I could just upload a with this
> minor change. 

Ok, please do a sourcefull upload.

> The latter is easier, but is not zero-risk due to adding desktop
> files. The former is more targetted, and perhaps makes most sense.
> If I can't get the login sorted in the next day or two I'll upload a
> unless team release object.



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