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Re: Survex debian package uninstallable on hppa

On 2006-12-26 17:44 +0000, Olly Betts wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 26, 2006 at 12:28:47PM +0100, Luk Claes wrote:
> > Olly Betts wrote:
> > > The hppa binNMU was 1.0.39+b1.
> > > 
> > > Wookey uploaded 1.0.39-1, which has built for all architectures
> > > including hppa, but the hppa upload was rejected because 1.0.39-1 is a
> > > *lower* version than 1.0.39+b1 by the ordering dpkg uses - this outputs
> > > `yes':
> > > 
> > > dpkg --compare-versions 1.0.39b1 '>>' 1.0.39-1 && echo yes
> > 
> > 1.0.39+b1 ofcourse...
> Of course - not sure where I lost the "+".  Anyway, the comparison gives
> the same result for "1.0.39+b1".
> > > * Reupload the package as something like: 1.0.39debian-1
> > 
> > Nothing debian specific, so not preferred.
> I guess you must mean "nothing debian specific in the upstream release",
> so putting "debian" in the upstream version doesn't make sense?
> If not you've lost me, as the changes here are entirely debian-specific
> (a fix for a problem caused by the debian packaging not being
> binNMU-safe combined with the package previously being debian native).
> None of the upstream code has been modified (all the changes over 1.0.39
> are in the debian subdirectory and there's no debian/patch).
> > > * Reupload the package as something like (or and fix
> > >   the package to be non-native later when we aren't trying to release
> > >   etch).  I am the upstream for survex, so I can ensure there's never an
> > >   upstream release called
> > 
> > What about 1.0.39+upstream-1 or something similar?
> Well, there's nothing upstream specific here either!  But it does the
> job so I'm happy to go with it, assuming Wookey (cc:-ed) is.

The +ver syntax is reserved for binNMU's - right? So this suggestion
is to build an hppa version from the new sources and compatible with
them then upload it with 1.0.39+b2 (or +upstream-1) which will sort
higher than the exsiting one and become installable? 

Or am I misunderstanding and the +ver syntax can be used for a
sourceful upload too?

I can do that, although I think my debian login has been broken since
the great compromise of 2004 (despite several ttempts to fix it). This
provides an incentive to finally sort it out (in order to log on to an
hppa build box).

In the meantime I've just added phil bull's .desktop files patch to my
sources here (#403870). So I could just upload a with this
minor change. 

The latter is easier, but is not zero-risk due to adding desktop
files. The former is more targetted, and perhaps makes most sense.

If I can't get the login sorted in the next day or two I'll upload a unless team release object.

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