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Re: initrd-tools?

* Noah Meyerhans (noahm@debian.org) [061218 19:41]:
> Our options would seem to be to revise the release notes
> to no longer suggest upgrading aptitude before dist-upgrade, or
> including an initrd-tools package that doesn't conflict with current
> libc6.  I believe we should include an initrd-tools package, even if
> it is just a dummy package, to provide for a smooth upgrade path.

I doubt that a dummy package is better, I think it is even worse because
it will lull people into security where there is none.

Basically, initrd-tools has been removed because it maintainers asked
for removal from testing plus unstable.

If I understand it correct, someone could take over a package where the
maintainers asked for removal (well, basically it is orphaned with the
"please remove foo now") - and if the then-current maintainer ask to let
the initrd-tools back to testing, I don't see why we should refuse this.
(Of course, my understanding could be wrong.)


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