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Are we really going to ship etch without initrd-tools?  If one follows
the upgrade instructions in the release notes, there will be a
significant period of time when no kernel is present on their machine,
or else they'll abort the upgrade when presented with 

  You are running a kernel (version $running) and attempting to remove
  the same version. This is a potentially disastrous action. Not only
  will /boot/vmlinuz-$running be removed, making it impossible to boot
  it, (you will have to take action to change your boot loader to boot
  a new kernel), it will also remove all modules under the directory
  /lib/modules/$running. Just having a copy of the kernel image is not
  enough, you will have to replace the modules too.

    I repeat, this is very dangerous. If at all in doubt, answer
    no. If you know exactly what you are doing, and are prepared to
    hose your system, then answer Yes.

We shouldn't be showing that message to users under normal, expected
circumstances.  Our options would seem to be to revise the release notes
to no longer suggest upgrading aptitude before dist-upgrade, or
including an initrd-tools package that doesn't conflict with current
libc6.  I believe we should include an initrd-tools package, even if
it is just a dummy package, to provide for a smooth upgrade path.


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