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Re: Please unblock geneweb 4.10-25

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> I see that you lost a db_purge that was in the old version, but isn't
>> called anymore in the new postinst. Also, there is a changelog.old (copy
> It is called in the postrm. IIRC, not in the postinst.

Errr, sure, I meant postrm there.

> The old version has no db_purge in postinst, but the postrm had
> one.....which I found to be redundant with stuff automatically added
> by debhelper.

Yeah, that's true. I didn't saw that you use the dh magic in the postrm
from the diff...

So apart from the ugly changelog copy, the package looks OK, so I've
unblocked it.

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