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Re: a few comments on the release notes

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> Any case involving a non-ideal upgrade (ie. one with conflicts). aptitude in
> etch has a scoring algorithm that realizes that it's worse to fix a conflict
> by removing a package than installing two new ones or letting one stay
> un-upgraded; aptitude in sarge is nowhere near that.
> I haven't compared them for full sarge -> etch upgrades, but for regular use,
> the one in etch is markedly better.
> Why don't you ask the aptitude maintainer on the issue, BTW?
> > As a test by Bill Allombert has shown [1] that upgrading aptitude by 
> > itself may lead to a number of package removals
> ...specifically because sarge's aptitude doesn't understand that it's better
> to solve the conflict by upgrading the other packages than removing them :-/

My experience with etch's aptitude is that it would never find a solution
(not even if you give him several minutes) to the problem posed by a
complex dist-upgrade while apt-get would correctly manage it even though
it requires removing some packages which disappeared and so on.

In short, I would mention that one can use "apt-get dist-upgrade" as fallback. And
in the long term, I would really like that apt-get / aptitude collaborate
more closely and use a common database of "auto-installed packages".
Because it's the main point that justifies the use of aptitude when you're
not interested in the ncurses gui.

Raphaël Hertzog

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