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Re: New cyrus-sasl2 for etch?

* Roberto C. Sanchez (roberto@connexer.com) [061125 18:07]:
> We ask you to take a look at the cyrus-sasl2 package in unstable and
> decide if it's fit for etch. If not, we'd appreciate a list of the
> blocking issues. If it is fit for inclusion, please advise on what we
> need to do, if anything.

Well, as you all know this is a rather large change. I agree on the
overall status - it is definitly an improvement, and thank you all very
much for your work.

I would however like to see some more "common testing", i.e. please send
out a call for tests, or blog about your changes (and make sure they
appear on planet.debian.org), or ...

I have now unblocked the package, it will still need another 5 days to
reach testing (to wait for all 10 days), so we have some time for more


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