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please hint lilypond 2.8.7 into testing

I would like to officially ask for an exception to the usual testing
rules for lilypond, to allow 2.8.7 into testing, on those architectures
where guile-1.8 works.  The architectures currently losing for guile-1.8
are alpha, amd64, and ia64.

I believe that alpha and ia64 are release candidates, as well, which
means that the relevant guile-1.8 bugs *are* release critical, though
they were marked "important".  This is an inconsistency.

If no exceptions are made for guile-1.8 and lilypond, then we will be
stuck with lilypond 2.6 in etch and no guile-1.8 at all.

My previous message assumed that the failing arches were all not release
candidates, but according to the web[1], which we all know never lies,
that's not so.

1: http://release.debian.org/etch_arch_qualify.html


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