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Re: Bug#395004: lsb-release: please review for release exception

On 11/19/06, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
The addition of the [ -z $FANCYTTY ] && FANCYTTY=1 isn't going to work right
under set -e; if FANCYTTY is non-empty for whatever reason, then [ -z
$FANCYTTY ] returns false -- and short-circuits, causing the function to
return false immediately instead of returning true farther down as intended.

Ah, got it, I need a || true at the end.

Do you want to upload a fix for this, or should I go ahead and approve -20
as-is?  This is minor and the rest of the diff looks fine, so I have no
problem hinting -20 in.

There's actually an important fix to lsb_release I am about to upload
(fixing a crash that produces buildd failures when building gcc 4.1 on
some of our buildds) so holding off for -22 may be the best thing.

Chris Lawrence - http://blog.lordsutch.com/

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