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Re: Bug#399362: imapproxy: Bashism in init script

On 2006-11-19 Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> severity 399362 important
> thanks

> On Sun, Nov 19, 2006 at 02:37:36PM +0100, Magnus Holmgren wrote:
>> Package: imapproxy
>> Version: 1.2.4-5.1
>> Severity: serious
>> Justification: Policy 10.4, "shell scripts specifying /bin/sh as interpreter must only use POSIX features"
>>> if [ "$START" == "no" -a "$1" != "stop" ]; then
>> It appears dash and posh chokes on "==" above. A single "=" is
>> enough and POSIX.

> This is not a release-critical bug under
> http://release.debian.org/etch_rc_policy.txt, but it is a candidate for
> NMUing under the release team's 0-day NMU policy per the latest release
> update mail to d-d-a.

http://release.debian.org/etch_rc_policy.txt says: 
(g) Scripts

        Scripts must include the appropriate #! line, and set executable.
        The package providing the script must Depend: on the appropriate
        package providing the interpreter.

A script setting #!/bin/sh but failing to work if /bin/sh = dash fails
to fullfill this requirement, #! line is not "appropriate".
So perhaps etch_rc_policy.txt could be amended to include "This
paragraph does not apply to  #!/bin/sh scripts using bash features."

cu and- Slightly unhappy upon realizing that he might end up with a
known to be broken system with dash as /bin/sh in etch. -reas
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