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Premission to upload libcrypt-gpg-perl to unstable

Hi there, RMs and super-heroes of the kind...

I was asked to sponsor an upload of libcrypt-gpg-perl.
The current maintainer, Matt Hope <dopey@debian.org> is a bit MIA, and
has been unresponsive about our ITNMU pings. His last upload of
libcrypt-gpg-perl was in July 2003.

This upload is a new upstream version, will have Roberto Jimeno
<robertojimenoca@terra.es> in the Uploaders field, until Matt comes back
from RLbusyland, and will probably fix all the bugs for this package. 

Still I am somewhat not comfortable enough to just upload at this point
of the release until you guys give me a "Go for it! We love you!" ack.


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