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Re: testing d-i Release Candidate 1 and more release adjustments

On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 04:57 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Release goals and etch-ignores
> ==============================
> After a mailing list discussion about release-criticality and policy, we've
> decided to include "fixing bashisms" as a release goal.  This means that if
> packages have bugs that render them unusable with other implementations of
> /bin/sh, such as dash, we encourage maintainers to consider NMUing those
> packages under the same rules that govern release-critical bugfixes.[5]
> This does not mean that such bugfixes *are* release-critical (they're
> severity: important unless there is another reason they should be release
> critical), so such fixes will be included in Etch on a best-effort basis.

I'm hoping for clarity here, and I can't quite tell what's the policy

It sounds like you are saying that the issue is not whether something is
"Posix-compatible" or a "Posix-feature", but rather the practical
question "does it break with an different shell?"  This is, it seems to
me, a very good criterion.

However, I still wonder: which shells?  Your example is dash.  But I
find meeting a moving target hard; can we have a list of exactly which
shells must work?


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