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Re: apache2 DSA considerations for etch

On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 08:06:38AM +0100, Joey Schulze wrote:
> I assume that you are part of the Debian Apache Maintainers and hence
> should notice when the security team updates Apache 2/2.2.

No, I am not.

> Why isn't apache2-mpm-itk built as part of the Apache 2 package?

Because the Apache team didn't want to diverge too much from upstream, and
upstream doesn't want the patch.

> I'd say this is ok, however, please watch security updates as the security
> team will probably forget to update apache2-mpm-itk when apache2 has been
> updated. (->Murphy)

I'll make a ping if I see an apache2 update without an -mpm-itk update. :-)

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