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Re: Remaining sysvinit issues and updating the etch version


* Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com) [061021 15:48]:
> As you probably are aware, only part of my work on sysvinit made it
> into Etch.  I am still not sure if I should request an exception from
> the release team to get an updated version into Etch or not.  On one
> hand, I would like to have some features in Etch, and on the other
> hand, there are some unsolved issues left.  These features should be
> included in Etch:

> There are other fixes included after -20 as well.  The remaining
> important issues I am aware of are
>  - NFS mounting might fail if ifup -a take up several network
>    interfaces, and first interface is insufficient to mount NFS
>    partitions.  This is related to moving nfs mounting into if-up.d/
>    and trigger mounting when interfaces are enabled. (#393532)
>  - fuser might kill the wrong processes during shutdown with there are
>    a lot of bind mounted virtual file systems. (#391375)
>  - Booting will fail on machines with NFS-mounted / when using ifup to
>    re-enable the network and activate NFS mounts, and NFS mounts of
>    non-root file systems will not appear if ifup isn't used.  This
>    might actually be a problem in ifupdown taking down eth0 before
>    reconfiguring it. (#388761)

> I'm not sure how to properly solve these while also solving the
> problem the change was intended to solve.

Why that? (I'm not really aware what your changes intended, so you need
to give me an hint.)

I also see a couple more issues left where I would at least like to see an
comment (as I'm currently not sure what there impact is):
 #391673: initscripts: TMPFS_MTPTS in umountfs must be ordered (one line patch)
 #391914: do not remove /etc/nologin
 #392861: sysv-rc: Reboot fails with "exited outside the expected code flow"
 #397900: erroneous runlevel during boot-up sequence


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