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please unblock mdadm 2.5.5-1 (udeb)

mdadm 2.5.5-1 has been in sid 9/10 days and I've tested it
extensively; d-i should not be affected by any of the changes
between 2.5.3 currently in testing and 2.5.5 in sid. Thus, I hereby
request its unblocking.

Upstream just released 2.5.6. Basically, 2.5.4-2.5.6 have been
releases specific to Debian, fixing RC and important bugs, and have
been made in close cooperation between Neil Brown (who's a great
upstream btw) and myself. Therefore I am very interested in getting
2.5.6-1 into etch, but I won't upload 2.5.6-1 until 2.5.5 is in


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