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Re: Remove giflib from testing

Luk Claes wrote:
> If it's only about the security bug, I don't think it's a good idea to remove
> giflib from testing at this time as the bug can easily be fixed by giflib
> leaving the NEW queue or patching giflib 3 AFAICS. Though if you think giflib
> 3.x is not fit for release even if the security bug where fixed, then I'll
> happily remove giflib 3.0-12 from testing :-)

Since giflib 3.x is not used by any package at all, it doesn't make
sense to keep this in the archive, not even without the security bug.

giflib 4.x makes sense to have in etch, even without a package uses it
already, because post etch, all packages will use it (hence, backporting
is easier).

If you feel, that giflib 4.x will leave NEW on time, leave it as it is.
I personally don't want to relay on that, hence I recommend to remove
it. Now, you know what's going on, please decide yourself.

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