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Debian Etch freeze... pkg-kde-extras implications

Hi pkg-kde-extras,

As you might of seen on debian-devel-announce, 

The freeze for etch has been put back a little, it was scheduled for 18 Oct, 
leading to a release of Etch on 4 Dec.

What does this mean for pkg-kde-extras, well it means we have little time left 
to get our part of the archive in shape:


Release Critical Bugs:
#396747		digikam FTBFS on alpha, Achim forwarded this upstream
Note this is for 0.9.0-beta3, 0.8.2 is already in etch.  I'm in two minds 
about releasing 0.9.0 beta versions to etch, however from my perspective 
digikam 0.9 is already pretty solid and would be a worthy component in Etch.  
I know the release schedule for digikam has the RC coming out this week and 
the final before xmas, but of course this might just be a little too late to 
make it into the release of Etch...  Although Etch could be delayed so maybe 
we should give it a go.

#		unsermake python 2.4 issues.
I guess this is related to a python migration? ubuntu seem to have a new 
version we could grab and update...

Migration to Testing:
digikamimageplugins 0.9, is awaiting digikam, per above.
kaffeine seems to be stuck on the arm build. - Rebuild should fixup.
kid3 should go in in 3 days...
klibido stuck on arm & m68k - rebuild on arm
kmplayer should go in in 7 days
kompose should go in in 4 days
kscope going in today
ksynaptics stuck on s390, arm and m68k - rebuild
libkexif 0.2.3 in testing with 0.2.4 patch, 0.2.4 stuck, 0.2.5 released 
rsibreak stuck on arm (common story) - rebuild
strigi waiting for qt4-11 which is stuck on arm

So one common factor seems to be the arm buildd's failing and not 
rescheduling..  I shall try and get some binary packages built on leisner for 

Wookey.  If you are able could I ask you to upload the build-deps for:
kaffeine, klibido, ksynaptics, libkexif and rsibreak?  Thanks.

Comments and people to pickup this work is welcome.


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