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debian-edu-config release critical bug


I know that this is an old and long discussed bug, but please allow me to 
raise the discussion again right now as I think that the issue is not 
completely clear.

First of all the bug is called: "debian-edu-config: Messes "programmatically" 
with conffiles of other packages"

The word programmatically also appears in the etch rc policy under point 3 
(Configuration files), however I have to ask, because there is one exception. 
It is allowed, if a user explecitely runs an editor.
Well if someone installs the debian-edu-config package on plain debian, 
*nothing* will happen at all, except that the cfengine scripts are installed, 
but cfengine is not started by the maintainer scripts.
Therefore the user has to explicetely run the cfengine command to activate the 
scripts and therefore configure the system, which I would call "running an 
editor scpifically" .
Of course debian-edu works out of the box and this command is started by the 
debian-edu-install-udeb package (by its finish-install.d part in particular).
This IMHO means that there is no RC bug in debian-edu-config about messing up 
with other packages conffiles.

What do you think?


[0]: http://release.debian.org/etch_rc_policy.txt

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