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Re: Policy about RC-ness of "Please remove" bugs against ftp.debian.org?

Frank Küster wrote:
> Hi,
> if a package is RC and should be removed, what's the best procedure?

It depends if you mean removed from testing (not included in the release) or
removed from unstable (not to come back in the foreseen future). For the first
kind an RC bug with a title that clearly states that the package is not fit
for release will do. For the second kind of removal...

> I assumed that it would be to reassign the RC bug to ftp.debian.org,
> requesting its removal.  Or should the bug be cloned, the clone
> reassigned to ftp.debian.org, and the severity lowered?

... I think it would be best to file a seperate removal bug against
ftp.debian.org explaining why the package should be removed, what replacement
packages exist etc.

> And where is that documented?  The developers' reference talks about
> removal requests, but not about bug severities...

The severity of a removal request is ignored AFAIK...



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