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Re: gaim and totem transition for testing.

"Gustavo Franco" <stratus@debian.org> writes:
> I guess that gaim[0] and totem[1] transition for testing needs some love.
> The new gaim 2 beta is a valid candidate but makes 7 packages
> (extensions/plugins for gaim 1.x) uninstallable.

I see no reason why these should be broken, so let's see what's needed
to get them too into testing:

* gaim-autoprofile needs to be rebuilt for the new gaim.

  I have tried to rebuild it locally with the new gaim, that
  didn't work. Seems to need manual intervention, could you look into

* gaim-extendedpref is rebuilt and only waits for gaim.

* gaim-guifications needs to be built on arm and sparc, which failed
  when trying to build the package the first time.

  Steve, could you please requeue gaim-guifications_2.13~beta4-1 on arm,

* gaim-irchelper is rebuilt and only waits for gaim

* gaim-librvp_0.9.5-1 needs to be requeued on sparc, rest is fine

* gaim-otr was missing on arm, but was built yesterday and only needs to
  be uploaded.

* gaim-thinklight is ready (well, except m68k, but we ignore that)

> Totem wasn't building on arm, it seems to be a matter of rebuild
> attempt due to missing-depends that are already in place, no?

Yes, a simple requeue should be enough.

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