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m68k release future

Hey all,

So, from the other thread, seems like the idea for m68k is:

   (a) keep building unstable as per usual

   (b) maintain a separate testing-like suite for m68k based on (and
       thus probably trailing) the real testing, maintained by m68k
       porters, that is installable (using d-i etc)

   (c) not bother with an etch-equivalent release for m68k

   (d) try to release with etch+1, possibly with coldfire support

The m68k certification pages on the wiki suggest it might be good to
have acks/naks from:

   1.  Wouter Verhelst
   2.  Stephen R Marenka
   3.  Christian T. Steigies
   4.  Adam Conrad
   5.  Michael Schmitz

I think Michael Schmitz has said he's willing to do some of the
maintenance work on the testing-like stuff; I'd suggest it'd probably be
ideal to have either two or three people doing it -- you have to already
be a DD though. It might also be worthwhile to join the RM team as a
release assistant in that case, ymmv.


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