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Re: m68k not a release arch for etch; status in testing, future plans?

Michael Schmitz wrote:
>> It's not the ftpmaster stuff that needs to be done, it's the RM and
>> security stuff. Security stuff for *sarge* is already a problem, with
>> the xfree86 update currently blocking the release of r4, due to lack of
>> an m68k build, eg.

Build times for kdebase_4:3.3.2-1sarge3:

amd64    00:33:42
s390     00:52:54
alpha    01:00:05
ia64     01:02:28
powerpc  01:38:57
mipsel   02:04:20
mips     02:06:55
hppa     02:07:51
sparc    02:47:48
arm      11:44:41
m68k     26:39:13

m68k is an order of a magnitude slower and that's not acceptable.
(While arm clearly sucks as well, Steve said that a new, faster arm
buildd is in the works.)

> Well, xfree has been built some days ago but no attempt has been made to
> get it uploaded yet.

I just signed it. procmail didn't filter it correctly, as the To: was
different for your manual build.

> This has been complicated by the fact that I've asked for access to
> the security archive for hobbes but no response of any kind has been
> forthcoming.

Another buildd for stable-security seems a good idea, but the problem of
peak times remains.


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