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Repackaging for loop-aes: split between debs and udebs

Hi all,

As you know there is currently a problem with loop-aes as the 2.6.17 debs 
are wanted in testing to go with the current kernel, but they are blocked 
by the udebs from the same source package which should stay at 2.6.16 
because of D-I Beta1.

Max has been working on repackaging so the udebs are built separately from 
the debs (just as for regular kernel udebs).

The udebs will now be part of linux-modules-di-<arch>-2.6 source packages, 
in which other out-of-tree modules can be added later.
The current loop-aes-modules source package (producing both debs and 
udebs) is being replaced with loop-aes (producing only debs) and this has 
already been uploaded to unstable (built against 2.6.17).

To get all packages, both in testing and unstable in line as soon as 
possible, I propose the following migration plan. This was already 
discussed with Jeroen who is willing to do the necessary udeb magic.

1a) Upload new linux-modules-di-* udebs based on 2.6.16 to unstable
1b) Migrate these to testing ASAP
2)  Migrate loop-aes-modules (2.6.17) to testing (including udebs; these
    won't hurt d-i there)
3a) Upload new linux-modules-di-* udebs based on 2.6.17 to unstable
3b) Remove old loop-aes-modules (2.6.17) udebs from unstable
4)  Upload loop-aes built against (2.6.18) to unstable

We should be able to do this within about a week, maybe a few days more.

The last stage of the migration can only be done once d-i RC 1 is released 
and the 2.6.18 kernel has migrated to testing:
5) Remove loop-aes-modules source package from the archive


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