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Re: [tytso@MIT.EDU: Re: Bug#390664: closed by tytso@mit.edu (Theodore Y. Ts'o) (Bug#390664: fixed in e2fsprogs 1.39+1.40-WIP-2006.10.02-1)]

Theodore Tso <tytso@mit.edu> writes:

> I would appreciate any comments from the Debian Release Managers and
> Debian Masters about whether or not it is required to remove any files
> which are legal for us to redistribute (such as RFC's and I-D's), but
> which are not DFSG-compliant from source tarballs (but which are not
> included in any of packages which are part of 'main' or 'contrib').  I
> can find no statement in Debian Policy which requires this, and there
> is an admonition to try to not to deviate from the upstream source tar
> file whenever possible.

Debian includes two kinds of packages:
  Binary packages, in the .deb archive format;
  Source packages, which consist of three files: a tarball, a diff,
    and a source control file.  (Some source packages don't have the

The requirements which apply to "packages" apply to both kinds.

That is enough to keep the bug open.

The bug is release critical, because compliance with this rule is a
release requirement for etch.

You need to make your own source tarball, with "dfsg" somewhere in the
version string, and with the required file in debian/ documenting the
changes you made to the upstream tarball.


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