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Re: cdbs update

Le mar 3 octobre 2006 17:19, Pierre Habouzit a écrit :
> Le sam 30 septembre 2006 10:16, Peter Eisentraut a écrit :
> >   * Move dh_installinit to binary-fixup to make sure its postinst
> > fragment is the last (debhelper.mk) (closes: 386970)
> AIUI that would break deamons using dh_pysupport.

to explain the problem:

  the python public modules have to be linked (only pysupport) and if
  possible byte compiled *before* the init script is fired.

  if there is a daemon in python and that it's stopped using a python
  script (think mailmanctl) the init script 'stop' call has to be fired
  before the .pyc are purged.

so basically, we are hitting a limitation of debhelper that does not 
build the *rm script in the reverse order of the building of the *inst 
ones. There is nothing we can do in those cases except using 
dh_installinit -n and writing the invoke-rc.d stanzas in the right 

I'd suggest to revert that change as some packages may work as is, and 
be broken by a change so near from the freeze. and the final fix has to 
be that (in a compat mode of 6 ?) debhelper unstacks the *rm calls in 
the reverse order of the *inst ones, which is a thing taht really makes 
sense anyway (IMHO).
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