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Re: Possible binNMUs for packages depending on libdbus-1-2

On Sun, Sep 24, 2006 at 12:08:56PM -0400, James Vega wrote:
> The following packages depend on libdbus-1-2 which is no longer
> available in the archives.  Is it possible for these to get binNMUd to
> pull in libdbus-1-3 as their Depends?

> In unstable:
> Package: bluez-pin                 closes #388456
> Package: emifreq-applet
> Package: gnome-netstatus-applet
> Package: gnome-presence-applet
> Package: grubconf                  closes #389166
> Package: gstreamer-editor
> Package: gsynaptics
> Package: imhangul-status-applet
> Package: libgalago1                #388142 was closed 6 days ago noting
>                                    a new upstream has been uploaded
>                                    which fixes this, but I don't see it
>                                    on any mirrors.
> Package: mergeant
> Package: verbiste-gnome
> Package: wallpaper-tray
> Package: zapping

Yes, all scheduled yesterday or earlier, except for libgalago1 which is a
stale /binary/ package which has since been removed.

> In experimental:
> Package: evince
> Package: gaim
> Package: gnome-power-manager
> Package: gnome-screensaver
> Package: gnome-utils
> Package: libgalago2
> Package: libtotem-plparser1
> Package: totem-gstreamer
> Package: totem-xine

Sorry, I'm not going to spend time on binNMUs for experimental packages.

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