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Drop discover1 [was: Re: Allow discover and discover-data to move to testing]

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

>> Yes and no. Discover 2 was an available option on installer but it's
>> not used in installer anymore. I plan to migrate to it for installed
>> system but I lack the time to see it right now.
> discover1 is still used in beta3.
> udebs for discover could be dropped now; for discover1 I will request 
> removal after RC1.

Yes. I'll handle that ASAP.

I would like to disable init-script too on linux since we're commited
to udeb now but want to drop discover1.

Do you have any problem using discover in installed system? Petter
managed to move all data from discover1-data and would be easier to us
to focus on discover only.

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