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Re: arm release issues

Joey Hess writes:
> Andreas Barth wrote:
> > Unfortunatly, xulrunner is still not fixed yet.
> It can't be until gcj-4.1 has been bootstrapped to a current version on
> arm. Unfortunatly my try at this died strangely after 6 days. I
> understand that doko has a build running and I'm hoping his succeeds,
> otherwise it will take me 6+ days to try again.

gcj-4.1 is built, but while running the testsuite I noticed a missing
symbol in libgcc1; now rebuilding gcc-4.1, the symbol is included. Now
running the gcc-4.1 test suite, then the gcj-4.1 testsuite, which then
maybe finished in about four days.


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